5 Must-Have Stainless Steel Jewelry Pieces for Spring/Summer 2023

5 Must-Have Stainless Steel Jewelry Pieces for Spring/Summer 2023 - kalen

Brief background on stainless steel jewelry’s rise in popularity for spring and summer seasons

With the arrival of spring and summer comes a desire to refresh our wardrobes with bright colors and lightweight fabrics. This change in seasons is also the perfect time to reevaluate our jewelry collections. When updating our accessory game for warmer weather, stainless steel jewelry should be at the top of the list.

Stainless steel has become an increasingly popular metal for jewelry over the past few years, and for good reason. Stainless steel is affordable, durable, hypoallergenic, and easy to keep clean, as seen in the extensive collection at Kalen Official. The sleek, high-shine finish gives stainless steel jewelry a modern and stylish look. Compared to precious metals like gold and silver, stainless steel is corrosion and tarnish resistant. This makes it ideal for everyday wear and exposure to water.

For spring and summer 2023, stainless steel jewelry is poised to be a major trend. From dainty necklaces to chunky bangles, stainless steel adds the perfect subtle shine to bare arms and décolletage. Keep reading to discover five must-have stainless steel jewelry pieces that will elevate your warm weather style.

Minimalist Stainless Steel Hoops

Hoop earrings are a timeless jewelry staple. This season, slim stainless steel hoops are dominating earscapes. The thin circular style is minimalist yet makes a major impact. Opt for hoops in varying sizes, from petite 20mm diameters to wide 70mm diameters. Stack hoops along the ear lobe and helix for an on-trend layered look. Plain silver hoops make the perfect neutral accessory to pair with any outfit. Or go bold with rainbow, twisted, or textured hoop designs.

When wearing stainless steel hoops this spring, less is more. Keep the rest of your jewelry minimal and let the hoops shine as the focal point. Stainless steel hoops can also dress up your hair. Pull long locks into a sleek low bun or ponytail and let your earrings peek through for an elegantly undone vibe.

Chunky Link Bracelets

Chunky link bracelets are another stainless steel jewelry trend heating up. Bold bracelets add an armful of attitude with minimal effort. Opt for substantial links like beefy ovals, rectangles, ID plates, and circles. Browse stunning stainless steel link bracelets like the Bold Oval Cuff Bracelet at Kalen Official to find the perfect statement piece. Stainless steel won’t irritate the skin, so you can load up your wrist without discomfort.

When building your bracelet stack, combine varied link shapes and sizes for visual interest. Or make a statement with an oversized singular link bracelet as the standout piece. Pair these substantial cuffs with equally bold rings for a seriously badass look.

For the ultimate in spring/summer style, wear your stainless steel link bracelets atop breezy linen button-downs, cotton sundresses, and crochet tops. The gleaming metal pops against natural woven fabrics. Toss on a chunky bracelet over long-sleeved blouses to mimic the “push up your sleeves” trend.

Simple Stainless Steel Chains

Nothing says timeless elegance like a simple stainless steel chain necklace. Unlike gold-plated varieties, stainless steel chains will keep their brilliant shine for years to come. A basic cable link chain is perfect for daily wear. It adds just the right touch of sheen above round neck tees and crewneck dresses.

For a more substantial look, try a classic Curb or Figaro chain. Their flat interlocking links lay beautifully on the neckline. Curb and Figaro chains also come in a range of widths. Narrow options work well for layering with other dainty necklaces. Broad links make more of a statement solo.

Stainless steel chains are so versatile for spring and summer. Add pendant charms for a personalized touch. Or tie silk scarves directly through large chain links. The gleaming neutrals effortlessly moves from day to night. Dress up tanks and jeans with a simple steel chain for weekend wear. Or wear one over little black dresses to bring the bling for date nights.

Modern Geometric Earrings

Spring jewelry trends tend toward a more minimalist and geometric aesthetic. Stainless steel lends itself perfectly to these modern designs. From hexagonal studs to abstract drop earrings, stainless steel ensures these pieces will stay sharp and not tarnish over time.

The sleek faceting and high polish of stainless steel earrings refracts light beautifully. Go for earrings with a mix of textured and smooth surfaces for added visual intrigue. Pair these modern earrings with sleek hair dos to show them off. The graphic lines and shapes contrast beautifully against the softness of loose waves or a messy top knot.

Curb Chain ID Bracelets

Personalized jewelry remains on trend this spring and summer. ID bracelets are a nostalgic way to display a name or mantra. Stainless steel curb chains create the perfect base to stamp a message. Compared to more expensive silver or gold, steel ID bracelets are actually meant to be worn every day rather than saved for special occasions.

At Kalen Official, you can customize stainless steel ID bracelets with engraved names, dates, and inspirational phrases for a meaningful gift. The easy-to-clean durability of stainless steel ensures years of wear and tear won’t fade or damage personalized engravings.

Dainty bracelets engraved with a name make precious baby shower gifts. Or purchase his and hers bracelets for wedding parties. Stainless steel ID bracelets are the ideal way to keep loved ones close all spring and summer long.

Start The Season With Shining Stainless Steel

As we gear up for sunshine, sandals, and sundresses, let stainless steel jewelry be your go-to accessory. Stainless steel adds just the right amount of gleam without the price tag of precious metals. It is suitable for all skin types, requires minimal maintenance, and elevates everything from swimsuits to sundresses this season.

Refresh your accessory collection this spring with must-have stainless steel pieces like those featured at Kalen Official. Their durable and affordable stainless steel jewelry is perfect for every warm weather outfit. Shop the latest stainless steel hoops, chunky bracelets, chains, and engraved ID bracelets to elevate your style this season!

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